"Glimpses of the Islands"
Doreen Hardie

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The Artist
Doreen Hardie's landscapes and people scenes, done in an impressionistic style, reflect her deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the beauty He created in the world around her. Doreen works primarily in oils. She maintains “The Word Gallery studio” in Palm Coast, Florida. Doreen says that while some people preach The Word and others write The Word, she paints The Word. “I put myself in all my paintings. Before I begin, I ask the Lord to bless my canvas, my brushes, and my eyes, so I can see and interpret the vision clearly. I don’t feel I am finished with a painting until it begins to sing to me.”

Her Style
A student of the late Greek painter Antonios Karafyllakis, Doreen's impressionistic style is strongly influenced by his teaching. While inspired by the Caribbean landscape, Doreen's works also draw upon the diversity of the places she sees. Her paintings speak peace to the viewer.

Doreen has shown her works in several galleries and shows in the Washington, DC area including a one-man showing of her works at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. She has also shown at the Washington Convention Center at the National Urban League Art Expo in Washington, DC, at Fine Art at the Riverfront art show in Wilmington, Delaware and at the Off The Main art show in Soho, New York. She was awarded a ribbon at The Potomac Art League’s Juried Show and for six years participated in the National Black Fine Art show at the Puck Museum in Soho, New York. Her paintings are also in private collections around the United States, Jamaica, Japan, Australia and Europe.

In February 2010 Doreen had a one-woman showing of her works at the Larimer Arts Center in Palatka, Florida. Some of her works are in the gift shop at the Florida Museum for Women Artists in Deland, FL and at the Lost Art Gallery at Thornebrook Shopping Center in Gainesville, Fl.  In Palm Coast her works can be seen at the Flagler County Realtors Building; the Coldwell Bankers Building and at a doctor’s office at the Palm Coast Town Center’s Medical Building.

In Florida, Doreen has won awards in several juried shows at the Flagler County Art League and the St. Augustine Art Association.

The Word Gallery
12 Ebb Tide Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32164
(386) 586-5532

Psalms 19:1 "The Heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament shows His handiworks"